Chin Yuen

"Language has always been important in my life. Having lived in six countries, I thrive to write and speak succinctly to feel 'at home.' However, as my art develops, I find freedom in moving beyond the literal. With my current abstract series, I challenge myself to unlearn the pattern of control I seek in representation; thus, abandoning the language of anatomy, chiaroscuro, and story telling."

Chin Yuen's paintings are distinctive for their bold brush strokes and vibrant colors. They record on both micro- and macroscopic dimensions her exploration with a new language that frees her and welcomes viewers' contemplation. She hopes her non-literal expression and passion for painting inspire viewers to see, feel, and enjoy in their unique ways.

Yuen savors the more reactive approach to painting as she responds to the intuitive movements of her brushes and the marks and colors left during the initial staining period. After layering the washes, she interacts with the stains and pulls out shapes that she would like to enhance. She often goes through stages where she feels temporarily not in control, a refreshing position that allows her to ponder and work with the painting, which has a life of its own.

Yuen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (Vancouver, Canada) and a Master of Arts from the University of Victoria, Canada.