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Iris Table Lamp by Yael Erel and Avner Ben Natan (Metal Table Lamp) | Artful Home

Iris Table Lamp

Metal Table Lamp

The "Iris" Table Lamp transforms its form and the atmosphere in a room by changing its light direction and projections. By adjusting this lamp you can have a strong up light that lights the room or a down light made of golden reflections around the lamp, or mixture of both. The reflective interior of the this table lamp casts intricately patterned reflections that change as the lamp's configuration is changed.

Supplied with a 6W LED light bulb that gives a very strong light and is extremely efficient in its power consumption and environmentally friendly. This bulb has an average life of 40,000 hours, about 40 years of regular use. The braided cord is black with a white woven accent.