Sharan Elran, Yael Erel, and Avner Ben Natan


"I focus on applied art, which maintains a constant dialog with the "impractical" world of fine arts. The objects I create are designed not merely to fulfill a need, but to contrast with the focus on efficiency and uniformity that characterizes large parts of the world."

Sharan Elran attempts to draw attention to the small details of our everyday life by enriching the functional objects he creates with aesthetic and poetic meaning. His work is a contemporary interpretation of the great traditions of Zen aesthetics and ceramic art. He designs his light fixtures in collaboration with architect Yael Erel and lighting expert Avner Ben Natan from Lightexture.

In his light fixtures, Elran uses stoneware and porcelain, utilizing simple and elegant forms. Much attention is given to the light patterns projected on the walls around the piece. He uses glazes and combustible materials in an innovative way to create what he calls "lattices of voids," which enable the light to flow out of the ceramic vessel and be contained simultaneously.

Elran was trained in Israel, where he focused on wood firing. After moving to New York, he began his study of electric firing and lighting. Elran holds a BS in physics and computer science.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
"Drawing Lightscapes" By Yael Erel and Avner Ben Natan, MC Gallery, New York, NY, 2009
"Endangered" group exhibition, Gloria Kennedy Gallery, New York, NY, 2009
Lightexture@SPF- installation, The Public Theater, New York, NY, 2009