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The Red Canoe (The First Day of Spring)

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Michael Dupille
"The Red Canoe", which the artist alternately has titled "The First Day of Spring" emits the freshness and vibrancy of spring. Lush, full and complex, the techniques used to create the piece were developed by the artist and involves a mixing and combining of a specialized glass paste added to the glass surface. Carefully composed paste colors are added so they align with the adjacent color and combed adding movement and flow. The work is fired, the process is repeated and fired multiple times. The foreground garden area is also developed in the same fashion, with added crushed glass (frit) areas to enhance the floral imagery and give the work more depth and color. This one of a kind wall piece will surely turn heads and be a focal point in any environment.

The work has an aluminum backing material with an attached hanging mechanism and is ready to hang. It can easily be maintained with a non abrasive glass and a soft cloth.