Michael Dupille

"I enjoy seeing what materials combined with wry curiosity and imagination will manifest. I have been doubly blessed with a fertile imagination and the skill sets to self-actualize my ideas."

Dupille's imagery and concepts are mostly representational with imaginative twists. He targets ideas, concepts, and visuals which promote discussion and further the imagination of the audience.

Kiln-formed art glass is the artist's primary medium. Pieces are created as individual elements using fused crushed glass, fired multiple times in a kiln. The visual effect of the finished work has colorful, dimensional properties not found in other media. Dupille will occasionally employ metal work in conjunction with the glass art.

Primarily self-taught, Dupille worked with Boyce Lundstrom at the Camp Colton Glass Program near Portland, Oregon in the 1980s, developing many of the working methods of the kiln-formed glass movement. His contributions include pioneering the creation of imagery with frit and alternative mold-making techniques. He trained at Central Washington University as a painter, illustrator, and glassblower.

Scattering Fish
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 9,000
Beau Phoque (Beautiful Seal)
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 2,400
High and Low
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 7,125
Eagle Feather Sculpture
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,900
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 2,200
Nautilus Amberious
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,200
Grand Moule in Black
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 1,310
Grand Moules in Purple
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 2,475
Grand Moules Pair in Green
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 2,475
Grande Moules Pair in Red
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 2,475
Rainbow Woodpecker Feather
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 4,340
Bluejay Feather Set
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,340 - $ 5,540
Barn Owl Feather
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,075 - $ 5,340
Peacock Feather Wall Piece
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,910 - $ 4,930
Eastern Flicker Feather
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 1,760 - $ 5,320
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Feathers: The Spokes of Flight, Seattle Audubon and Environmental Center, Seattle, WA, 2011
Autumn Leaves, SOFA Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2007
Northwest Medley, Multiple wall pieces, Tacoma Nissan, Tacoma, WA, 2004
Featured Artist Exhibition, Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas, TX, 2008
Fine Art of Baseball, Charles Krevsky Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2015
Daybreak School Murals, Percent for Art, Daybreak K-8 Schools, Battle Ground, WA, 2009
Northwest Notions, Conference room art, Threshold Group, Seattle, WA, 2015
Teotihuacan, Americas Exhibit, Glass diorama, Field Museum, Chicago, IL, 2007
Red, White, Blue and Greens, Public art mural, Legion Memorial Golf Course, Everett, WA, 2000
Blue Ribbon Livin', Public Art Installation, Valley School, Valley, WA, 2013