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Dance of the Dolphins

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Caryn Brown
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As still waters can run deep, a world of imagination can be contained within a single disk of glass. The cool, maritime tones of this piece and their kaleidoscopic arrangement create a graceful dance of dolphins, one that is unending and ever-changing as the piece meets new light over the course of a day. The curved steel base evokes imagery of ocean waves, from which the water dancers residing within the glass composition have gracefully emerged. To create this piece, hundreds of glass strips are hand cut and arranged on edge. The glass is then kiln-fired to more than 1500 degrees. At this temperature, the heated glass melts, fusing the glass strips together. Close up, one can see how one color melts into another: where each color meets, there is a sense of the colors simultaneously pushing at and joining with one another, reliving the dance they performed during the firing process. This sense of interactivity and movement is captured in the final design, in which the overall positioning of the colors takes this sense of fluidity to the macro level. This stainless steel stand was designed and fabricated specifically for this piece. There is synergy of glass and stainless steel; although they are disparate mediums, each element compliments and elevates the other. The curvature of the stainless steel softens the visual appeal of this hard element. This piece is for indoor use. If placed near a window or door, the changes in ambient light will create subtle changes in how this piece is perceived. The play of light and shadow within the piece serves to enhance the intrinsic movement which the work already displays.

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