Caryn Brown

"I don't like to color outside the lines—I like to move them. In repeating both line and color, I strive to capture the movement of melted glass. "

Creating work in a contemporary organic style, Caryn Brown enjoys experimenting with and pushing the boundaries of kiln glass. From concept to creation, she manipulates the fundamental materials of sheet glass, frit, and stringers. She surrenders her work to the kiln, where the magic of heat, often in excess of 1500 degrees, works to change the raw materials into art.

Brown uses the edges of glass to create her designs. To create each piece, she cuts hundreds of glass strips. Varying the length and height, she arranges these glass strips inside a dam she designs. The piece is heated in the kiln, then cold worked until it is smooth and polished. With synergy in mind, she specifically designs a stainless steel stand for each piece.

Brown is a self-taught ceramic artist whose artmaking was interrupted by a health issue. Although she could no longer sculpt in clay, there was no way that she was going to stop creating art. Brown turned to kiln working and educated herself about the science and physics of glass. She has spent years reading, trying, doing, and experimenting to get to where she is today.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Playing with Pattern , The Depot Museum and Art Gallery, Beverly Shores, IN USA, 2019
Vessel - Group Exhibition, The Depot Museum and Art Gallery, Beverly Shores, IN USA, 2018
Light and Reflection, Depot Museum and Art Gallery, Beverly Shores, IN USA, 2017