Jill Towery


"Whimsical, bohemian, eclectic...each piece is an individual expression of color and texture. I design by how I feel and as my inspiration changes, so does my work."

Salmagundi works are a mix of uncommon combinations of fabrics, leathers, and trims to create individual eclectic chairs and settees. Each piece is inspired by the combination of beautiful discarded fabrics and leathers. This is art to live on.

The artists mixes combinations until the feel is cohesive and relevant to the frame by taking bits of this and scraps of that—leathers and fabrics that are waste for full furniture manufacturing transform into interesting, textural furniture. Using hardwood frames, hand-tied springs, and a comfortable cushion, no two designs are exactly the same because of limited amounts of materials.

Jill worked in banking and after a life-changing event, left to be a stay-at-home mom. She began by designing reversible handbags in her basement made from discarded upholstery samples, then morphed into chairs and settees. Living in an area rich in furniture manufacturing, Jill contracted upholsterers to learn how to build furniture and continues collaborating with these craftsmen today.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Vitality Anti-Aging Center and Med Spa, Moretz Mills, Hickory NC, 2016
Sophia's Lounge at The Ivey's Hotel, Charlotte, NC, Charlotte, NC, 2019