Yenny Cocq

"I am a total romantic! I chose to create figurative bronze sculpture to convey romantic longings, love, and emotions through my couples sculptures. My collectors are loving, happy people that share my work with their loved ones. My little people become a centerpiece in the collector's home. I can't imagine a more fulfilling art career than being part of your life."

Yenny Cocq's figurative sculptures represent one of nature's most complex and beautiful forms: the human body. Her work refines the human figure to basic, almost geometric forms while portraying an emotional idea or story. She is giving life to her subjects by capturing their innermost emotions while expressing her own romantic longings.

Yenny Cocq starts each piece in clay, wax, or metal. The figures are then cast in bronze using the lost wax casting technique, in which a mold is created from the original artwork, then casting waxes are created for the foundry to cast. The artist applies the patina, the final coloration, using various traditional patina acids and formulas.

Yenny Cocq is a master printmaker, but she has always created jewelry and small sculptures inspired by Danish design. She has worked with her uncle, master goldsmith Berghoff, in Hamburg, Germany. For the last 10 years, she has worked in small bronze sculpture. Various professional bronze casting foundries in Denmark, Germany, and the USA were instrumental in the process and realization of her current body of work.

Bronze Sculpture

$ 280 - $ 330
Family of Three
Bronze Sculpture

$ 380 - $ 420
Plated Close to Me
Bronze Sculpture

$ 380 - $ 560
Close to Me
Bronze Sculpture

$ 280 - $ 320
Gold-Plated Caress
Gold Sculpture

$ 520
Bronze Sculpture

$ 360 - $ 430
The Two of Us in Love
Bronze Sculpture

$ 3,000
Bronze Sculpture

$ 80
Family Dog
Bronze Sculpture

$ 90
Family of Three with Pet
Metal Sculpture

$ 420 - $ 470
Family of Four
Bronze Sculpture

$ 480 - $ 520
Family of Five
Bronze Sculpture

$ 480 - $ 520
Family of Six
Bronze Sculpture

$ 560 - $ 600
The Two of Us
Bronze Sculpture

$ 280 - $ 320
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Herning Art Expo, Herning Convention Ctr., Herning, Denmark, 2012
Santa Fe Society Of Artists, Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM , 2013
Rio Grande Arts and Crafts, Albuquerque Expo, Albuquerque, 2014
Fullor Lodge Art Ctr., Fuller Lodge , Los Alamos NM, 2012
ACRE American Craft Retailers Expo, South Point Hotel Casino and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016