Benjamin Silver

Ben Silver Studio

"I find glass to be an extremely inviting and playful medium. I aim to express a whimsical elegance and create an aesthetic balance of color that engages and entertains the viewer."

Benjamin Silver takes the playful and magical experiences he had while traveling throughout Europe and Asia and channels them into his work. Glassblowing is the perfect instrument for Silver to express his colorful experiences. Much like traveling, glass has amazing qualities that allow for an unlimited array of possibilities, which Silver uses to explore, design, and color his work.

Silver combines glassblowing, fusing, and cold working methods to create his glass pieces. This labor-intensive trio of techniques allows Silver to achieve the rich, bold bands of color and polished edges that define his work. He carefully attends to each piece during the fragile process of transforming it from a molten state to a final work of art.

Silver's training began in 2007 at the Eugene Glass School, where he volunteered in exchange for studio time. It was there that he encountered many different artists creating amazing work, including Jeff Ballard, an influential artist who showed Ben many of the technical skills necessary to create quality works of art. Since then, Ben has trained at the Pilchuck Glass School and the Corning Museum of Glass.