Loren Yagoda

"My art is about those people and paths where secrets live untold. My hope is that my paintings will remind you of your own history and its importance in your existence."

Loren Yagoda's creativity is a reflection of her years as an art collector and interior designer. She believes that everyone's environment can be enriched by two very different kinds of artistry: expressive works, in order to stimulate and explore, and meditative works, in order to unwind and clear the mind. Her compositions invite the viewer into her world. Her ceramics and paintings, while distinct, are often seen coexisting in the same environment.

Yagoda refers to her painting method as "twenty layers of torture!" She takes her emotions and dances them onto her canvas, with palette knife in one hand and chocolate in the other. Her unique consistency of neutral colors, combined with her expressive, thick black or white brushwork, exhibits an architectonic quality open to interpretive discussion. Her bowl sculptures are made from paper-clay. She uses underglazes on the raw dry clay, fires the work, and then applies paint rather than glossy glazes.

A resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Loren Yagoda grew up surrounded by art in a family of collectors, designers, and architects. At forty, she received her BFA from Memphis College of Art. Her paintings and ceramics are sold in galleries across the country, and placed in hotels, office buildings, and residential spaces. She has been published in Lux Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Phoenix Home and Gardens.

Belly Button Couple
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 400