Bernie Huebner and Lucie Boucher

Stone Ridge Glass

"We believe the viewer should become actively and repeatedly involved in the arrangement of the glass pieces in many of our glasscapes."

Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner create glasscapes-- fully re-arrangeable kiln-polished glass forms that viewers can rearrange to create landscapes of their own. Each glasscape is fitted with its own hardwood base and indirect lighting system, so that the glass image is illuminated, day or night, by light reflected off the wall immediately behind the sculpture.

Boucher and Huebner create their pieces using a multitude of techniques and tools. They cold-work the glass with band and ring saws, grinders, drills and lapidary wheels. They kiln-work the glass by fire-polishing and fusing different grades of frit and detail elements. They sandblast the glass to achieve a beautiful surface quality.

Huebner and Boucher are both self-taught glass artists, and have learned techniques while at Corning and Arrowmont. Lucie Boucher remains the technical expert, both with glass and kiln. Bernie Huebner spent years teaching both the visual arts and the creative process, and brings a facility with tools and materials that serves the team well.