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Beyond Burnt Pedestal

Wood Side Table

This elegant pedestal makes a perfect base for sculpture, vessels, or other accents. The top is durable end-grain ash arranged to form a loosely repeating pattern. The surface is thoroughly burned with a torch, removing the cellulose and accentuating both the grain and the glue lines. A wire-brushing enhances this effect and a liming wax (a white-pigmented wax) highlights the annual growth rings of the wood. The result is a black and white pattern with both visual and tactile texture.

The legs of the pedestal are made of alder that is burned with a torch, carefully cleaned to remove loose carbon, then finished with a clear oil and wax. There is an inexactness to the burning process that creates a rich, variable surface of complex color, texture, and form.

Please note that these tables are sold individually. Image depicts two tables.

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