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The Beginnings of Newness Sculpture

Wood Platter

Created by Keoni Carlson
Carved wood platter re-imagined to appear as woven and beaded basketry. Ideal as a centerpiece, tabletop sculpture, or wall hanging. Each piece is unique with some variations. Hanger included.

Through the ages, there was nothing except the black darkness. In Zuni storytelling, the All-Father looked outward and made himself the Sun. From his flesh, the Sun-Father created the Earth-Mother and the two rested. The two spoke and water was created, then children, then the mountains and valleys and plants and all creatures of the World of Knowing and Seeing.

Here, artist Keoni-C honors this story with his interpretation of the sunburst of creation along with pathways of light that radiate outward, a celebration of the Beginnings of Newness.

The carving technique traces back to sculpture of the Kamakura period in 12th century Japan. To create the piece, a block of sugar maple is spun on a lathe and turned to create the canvas. Spokes and rings are then individually carved. Following a resting period, the wood moisture content is stabilized at 7000' altitude at the artist's Colorado mountain home. Once seasoned, the artwork is moved from the wood shop to the finishing studio, where the design is burned onto the wood using 1/8" straight lines then colored with hand-applied India inks. Not food or microwave safe; dust by hand. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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