Artful Home

The Founder

Wood Cabinet

Created by Vincent Leman
The Founder is your stalwart companion. Tall and strong, it will display your books and art with pride (except those which you want to hide... they will be tactfully hidden). Ever vigilant, The Founder will lift up design and style in your home. If you're happy, it will be happy with you. If you're having a hard day, it will be there for support. The Founder will stand faithfully by your side for many years to come.

The Founder is lovingly crafted by hand in the Midwest. Leman makes this piece to order just for you in the color of your choosing. Made with high quality Birch hardwood veneered panels and solid wood edge molding. Stains are hand wiped. The lines are distressed by hand and the finish is protected with a high quality clear-coat for long lasting beauty. Hinges are high-tech and smooth. The knob is nickel plated. The feet feature levelers to help the piece stand firm.

78"H, 35"W, 19"D

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