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Dwell Series No.7

Wood Cabinet

Created by Ted Lott
A stunning walnut cabinet unlike you have ever seen. From the artist's "Dwell" series, which re-imagines the found objects into unique functional furniture items. "Dwell No.7" uses an original midcentury suitcase as a jumping off form. Reflecting the suitcases modernist curves, the cabinet stretches vertically with slats of solid walnut over a mortise and tenon frame of solid oak. Hand mortised brass hardware secures the door to the frame, while small oval head stainless steel screws provide a intimate exterior detail, while simultaneously securing each slat to the frame. A discreet button at the top of the cabinet releases the magnetic latch that holds the door closed. The cabinet bottom is secured to the thick walnut legs, which are connected by mortise and tenon. Multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil finish the wooden elements to a soft luster.

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