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Animals in the Woods, Triptych

Watercolor Painting

Created by Diana Arcadipone
This painting depicts animals that were recorded with an animal cam in the woods in Maine on various days and times. The moving images on the video were used as a reference. Each animal has an embroidered label documenting the date and time of the recording (100% cotton thread). You will see deer, wild turkeys, a fox and coyotes. This painting on paper is made in three panels and offered as a triptych. The middle panel is not as wide as the two outside panels. Each panel is painted in Gouache, a water based paint, on Rives BFK 100% rag paper with a wash technique.

Panels can be framed separately and are designed to be hung as one large painting, or can be hung around a corner. The pieces are 42" high and all three panels constitute the width of 102".