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Long Pond 8

Oil Painting

Created by Virginia Bradley
Long Pond 8 is influenced by Yves Tanguay and the Surrealist movement. This painting references organic forms in landscape and the marsh water was a departure point. Long Pond is a lake across the street from where the artist lives. She often take a studio break and walks there.

The "Long Pond Series" carries on the artist's interest in alchemy and abstraction—with the added influence of natural surroundings. In 2017, she moved from Philadelphia to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Being immersed in this stunning environment is teaching her to breathe and see again. As she relaxes and becomes in this lush landscape, her paintings are also shifting. The light, air, and color are slowly seeping into the work. The morning dew wakes her with Prussion blue and sap green as she walks to the studio. The surfaces of the paintings change as the light unfolds from dawn to dusk.

The paintings utilize oil paint and resin creating a multi-layered works that are composed of poured paint and editing through addition and subtraction of brush work and the pours. The final image emerges through many generations of layering materials while forming a new voice.

Oil and resin on stretched silk with painted sides.

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