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Corallium 1

Oil Painting

Created by Virginia Bradley
The "Corallium" series is a new series of works created with oil paint on archival film. The series was created during 2022 in the artist's winter studio in Playa Santa, Puerto Rico. The series continues Bradley's experimentation using the 95 degree Caribbean sun and salt water as alchemical agents interacting with oil paint.

The "Corallium" series is influenced by the local reefs in Playa Santa - where Bradley swims every day. Coral reefs all over the world were, and are, gravely endangered. Fifteen years ago, when she first started to go to Playa Santa, all the coral reefs in her bay were almost completely dead. Today, they are thriving and have had a resurgence due to a 2011 infrastructure project that stopped wastewater from being dumped into the bay. There are many projects throughout the world giving renewal and life to coral reefs.