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Catena 1

Oil Painting

Created by Virginia Bradley
Bradley's painting process involves the transformation of materials as she searches for meaning. She had been considering how the pace of life had changed because of the Covid pandemic. At moments time seemed to stand still and other times when it seemed to race by. She came upon the word "catena," which refers to related moments or an interlocking chain. In the context of my work, catena spoke to the chain of chemical reactions and physical engagements that are the continuum of her painting and life.

The artist's "Catena Series" began in August 2020. The series traverses a wide territory with the common denominator being a horizon that is sometimes obvious or buried beneath the surface of the image. The "Catena Series" is comprised of eight 48" x 36" x 2.5" birch panels. The works began under a tree as she prepared the surfaces in the beautiful Berkshire summer sun. "Catena 1" is a mystic fog that slowly envelopes one in a "moment of solace".

As Bradley reflects on the series, she thinks about her varied emotions and states of mind during the Covid pandemic. These works are a diaristic, interlocking chain that record my experience during this difficult period. They represent a turbulent time of social and cultural change that history will reflect on for decades.

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