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Tree Rings Variable Edition, 13/25, Alla Poupee

Monotype Print

Created by Diana Arcadipone
The cross section of a large felled tree reveals the delicate tracery of its growth rings, speaking to the passage of time in nature. This monotype print is part of a variable edition of 25 prints, each one different from the next.

The artist used drypoint etching techniques to create her printing plate. Then, to produce a variable edition with this plate, the artist employed a variety of techniques during the printing process—resulting in one-of-a-kind prints with distinctive colors and effects. For this print, she used the a la poupee technique, inking and wiping the plate to incorporate multiple colors and tones into the piece. Each tree ring is then hand embroidered with cotton thread.

Printed on 100% rag BFK Rives paper.

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