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Jewels From Within: M Triptych

Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

Created by Kara Young
These pieces are made of 85 percent abaca fiber handmade paper.When these pieces are created forms are placed on the screen and cast over to create recessed shapes in the surface. After drying, they are painted with gesso on all sides to seal the paper. To the entire surface, joint compound is applied and in the drying process organically arranged cracks appear on the surface. The pieces are sanded and copper leafed. The leaf is sealed and then painted with deep blue acrylic color which is rubbed off before completely dry this leaves dark shades in the cracks and texture and gives an aged look. The surface is then painted with a dry brushed burnt umber tone to bring out the richness of the copper leaf. Fired and patinated copper squares are layered together and placed in the recessed areas of the pieces to give a the vibrant copper a focus with touches of teal blue patina as an accent.

The use of handmade paper for the canvas of the piece gives an organic feel to the piece and the added benefit of keeping the work very light for hanging. This set of work would weight about 7lb.

The pieces are wired and hung without a frame. Each piece is unique one of a kind and will vary slightly.

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