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Green Copper Night Light

Mixed-Media Table Lamp

Created by Jerry Davis
Davis uses a lot of salvaged copper. Sometimes the tubing comes with a beautiful oxidized interior lining. After cutting and shaping the rear shade, Davis sealed the oxidation with several coats of clear lacquer. He then hand colored the back side of the shade and applied several coats of wax to the oxidation. Then he mounted the shade, via two screws and custom spacers, to the fitting that holds the front shade in place. To allow for bulb changes, the front shade slides in and out of the shade fitting . The copper base, under the shade fitting, is formed by squashing a piece of tubing and soldering a cap to one open end. Then, it is pressed into a sander to give it the subtle vertical grain on the sides. After that, it receives the same oxidation and wax treatment as the rest of the copper. The base houses a full range dimmer. The lamp features a twisted rayon cord. The light source is a bi-pin, 2w (20w equivalent), 120v, LED bulb. The bulb is included.

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