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Topaz Koi Lamp

Mixed-Media Lamp

Created by Lara Fisher
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Topaz is a beautiful, warm and versatile color that brings a warm glow to any space. Each light sculpture is individually handmade using natural and handmade fibers. Fibers and resins are used in harmony with a delicate sculptural technique, the result is a durable light sculpture that has a truly unique and ethereal presence. The lamp has a dimmer switch on the light fixture. Twenty-five watt light bulb is included.

The Koi measures 11''H, 23"W, 10"D.
The base of the lamp measures 8"W, 11"D.

21''H lamp has a base of 10''H.
23''H lamp has a base of 12''H.
25''H lamp has a base of 14''H.
53''H lamp has a base of 42''H.
57''H lamp has a base of 46''H.
61''H lamp has a base of 50''H.

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