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Prosperity Koi Lamp

Mixed-Media Lamp

Created by Lara Fisher
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Prosperity is a Feng Shui light sculpture with subtle hand written Chinese poetry about abundance, peace, and of course, prosperity. Each light sculpture is individually handmade using natural and handmade fibers. Fibers and resins are used in harmony with a delicate sculptural technique, the result is a durable light sculpture that has a truly unique and ethereal presence. The lamp has a dimmer switch on the light fixture. Twenty-five watt light bulb is included.

The Koi measures 11''H, 23"W, 10"D.
The base of the lamp measures 8"W, 11"D.

21''H lamp has a base of 10''H.
23''H lamp has a base of 12''H.
25''H lamp has a base of 14''H.
53''H lamp has a base of 42''H.
57''H lamp has a base of 46''H.
61''H lamp has a base of 50''H.