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Nest Lamp

Metal Table Lamp

Created by Jerry Davis
The artist's shop is full of pieces and parts from salvage yards and old projects. He leaves a lot of pieces out to inspire him. This lamp uses new and left over parts from several other projects.

The "bloom" is fabricated by cutting squares, in decreasing sizes, of bronze screen door screen. The edges have been hand folded into a double hem. The folds are hard creased and the corners are hammered so they will hold their edge. This also helps to make smoother edges on the squares. It's an attractive and practical finish to the edges. After the squares are finished, a hole is punched in the center of each. They are then laid out so the corners of each successive screen intersect the straight edge of the screen below it. They are then attached together with a threaded rod and pulled thru the round, copper, light head tube. The length and diameter of the tube determines the depth of the bloom. This one reminds the artist of a birds nest like the ones often found in wetland areas.

Below the light head is a copper tube which houses a full range dimmer. LED bulbs will work in the lamp but incandescent filaments are much more delicate and more pleasing to the eye.

The base is fabricated in three pieces. First an anodized canopy cap from a chandelier the artist replaced a while ago, a steel pan that has been painted with multiple layers of black and metallic bronze paint. Two spray cans are used, at the same time, with overlapping sprays, to give a blend of both colors. The metal base is then coated with a clear lacquer. Under that is a thick disc of an unidentified, dark hardwood that has been in the shop for about six years (everything is just waiting for it's time in the spotlight). The wood is oiled and waxed. All the copper parts or oxidized and hand rubbed before receiving two coats of clear lacquer. A six foot, twisted rayon, cord leads to a simple black plug.

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