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Playa Santa 1A

Giclee Print

Created by Virginia Bradley
This print is based on one of the original oil paintings in the "Playa Santa Series," which comprises works on paper created in Playa Santa, Puerto Rico. The artists spends the winters working in a roof-top studio in this small fishing village. The panoramic views of Caribbean turquoise water collide with vivid skies to create endless painting combinations. Other influences include the local bioluminescent bays and underwater sea life.

The sun's heat is the perfect alchemical agent to transform oil paint. The process includes many thin organic paint layers poured on top of one another. The painting is then left in the direct sun light where the mineral spirits evaporate and the oil paint residue becomes the final painting. This process emphasizes chance and order. The artist is not in control of the painting, but has to work with the chance of the pour. She then edits the painting to create order. Some final paintings resolve quickly with three of four layers of paint, while others seem to encompass many lives before they are completed.

Giclee print on Moab Entrada acid-free paper. Signed by the artist. Frame not included.

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