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Homage to Matisse II

Fiber Wall Hanging

Created by Cindy Grisdela
Grisdela is inspired by color, shape, and texture. The color is the first step, putting fabrics together the way a painter might use paint. She cuts her shapes freehand with her rotary cutter, engaging in a direct dialog with her materials. Finally, the texture in the vertical stitching lines adds dimension and tactile energy to the piece. The colors and shapes in this piece reminded the artist of the Matisse cutouts, which she visited every time she went to the National Gallery in DC, so the name seemed apt.

Includes a sleeve and wooden slat for hanging with two small eye hooks in each end. Grisdela creates all her work in her studio overlooking a lake in VA. Each wall hanging is quilted individually using her domestic home sewing machine. The designs are stitched freehand, with no marking ahead of time and no computer program, just the artist drawing the designs in her head with the machine's needle and thread. Each piece has her signature stitched into the front in an unobtrusive spot.

Avoid hanging in direct sunlight. To remove dust, brush lightly with a lint roller.