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Color Photograph on Aluminum

Created by Jeff Grandy
Metal prints are a wonderful, contemporary way to display your photographs. A low glare white Satin finish is used which creates a softer, gentler effect than a gloss finish. This eliminates the distracting glare from difficult display areas near windows or under harsh lights.

Metal Prints are made on sheets of aluminum approximately 0.045 inches thick, which have been coated with polyester so an image can be transferred to them by dye sublimation. The image is actually embedded into the polyester coating, which makes a rugged and waterproof print. The print is made through the dye sublimation process. The image is first printed in reverse on a transfer paper, which is then placed in contact with the metal, and placed in a heat press with pressure at 400 degrees F. The dyes sublimate from a solid to a gas, and transfer to the metal print, where they solidify in the polyester coating.

The end result is a visually clean, modern way to view and display a photograph. The colors are beautifully rich and true, and the soft, Satin finish creates a superb viewing experience.

This is a Limited edition of 25 total prints.

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