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Violas II

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Amy Meya
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These vibrant porcelain flowers offer an eye-catching burst of color and texture for your wall. The artist shapes and carves each blossom by hand, ensuring that every sculpture is a unique work of art. The center of each piece glistens with molten glass.

The stems have a keyhole cut-out for easy installation; a template and hardware are provided. Fired to cone six, these pieces are suitable for hanging indoors and out. Ready to hang. The largest piece is 20 inches in diameter, the medium pieces are approximately 12 to 14 inches diameter, and the smaller pieces are approximately 6 to 8 inches diameter.

Outdoor Care:
This piece can be displayed outdoors year-round in mild climates only. In colder climates, bring indoors during winter to avoid damage due to freezing temperatures.

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