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Tides, 6-Part Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Lisa Battle
This modular wall sculpture is inspired by the way that water carves patterns in the sand as the tides advance and recede. Each of the six parts has a picture wire attached to the back securely by toggle bolts so that it can hang on a hook or screw in the wall. The artist provides a paper template for hanging to ensure correct placement.

This sculpture was made from slabs of stoneware clay which are pieced together by hand. It was fired first in an electric kiln and then in a Noborigama kiln, which is heated to a temperature of around 2400 degrees Farenheit using wood.

The artist carefully sprayed her own custom glazes onto the vase before the second firing, creating a graceful gradation in color from blue/green to off-white. During the firing, wood ash in the atmosphere of the kiln fell on the surface, creating drips and textures, and pooling in low-lying areas of the surface creating the appearance of dark amber glass. No two sculptures fired using this method are ever the same.

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