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Story Sticks

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Rhonda Cearlock
Rated 5 based on 19 customer reviews
A variety of textured, pit-fired, and acrylic-painted clay shapes are combined to create colorful, rhythmic sculptures for your wall. Mounted on wood backing. Ready to hang.

From left to right, colors are:
Burnt Umber & Ochre with Circle
Teal & Burnt Umber
Red & White
Teal & Ochre with Circle
Red & Black
Burnt Umber, Teal & Green with Circle
Red & White
Teal & Burnt Umber with Circle

From left to right, the group of five includes:
Red & Black
Teal & Ochre
Burnt Umber & Ochre
Red & White
Teal & Burnt Umber with Circle

Sold in group of eight as shown (primary image), five (additional image), or purchase individually to create your own combination. Each is unique and will vary.

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