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Set of 50 Birds in Flight

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Jenifer Thoem
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Adorn your wall with an awe-inspiring sculpture—a flock of hand-built ceramic birds with uniquely textured surfaces. Each is shaped from high-fire stoneware clay, finished using stains and underglazes, and kiln fired multiple times. Textures are created by the artist using stamps made from the soles of her children's shoes.

Each avian has a sturdy, permanently attached steel wire that can be pushed directly into the wall, making them surprisingly easy to install. By extending away from the wall, they create shadows that add a three-dimensional effect.

These wall installations are ideal for unusually shaped spaces, large walls, or rooms with vaulted ceilings. Set of 50 includes template for installation as shown. Every bird's "plumage" varies greatly, and not knowing exactly which birds you will get is part of the fun. Each is 3"h, 6"w, 3"d.