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Movable Magnetic Ceramic Pods

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Natalie Blake
Art designed to move with you.

These hand-cast porcelain pods are designed to slide smoothly over the painted steel and into patterns that reflect the flow of nature. Glazed with two tones, the designs these pods create mimic those found in water, wind, schools of fish, and flocks of birds. Natural and organic patterns emerge as you play with the design, and also when viewed from different vantage points. Perfect for homes and offices, this is movable art that encourages interaction, creativity, observation, and an endless exploration into what is possible.

This set is a one-of-a-kind offering from Natalie Blake Studios, featuring a beautifully hand-painted disk of steel 40" in diameter. With a rich depth of color, this steel is a work of art on its own. It is fitted with a secure hanging system that holds the disk 1" from the wall and also allows it to be rotated to your preferred orientation.

This set includes 36 magnetized pods, glazed in signature Natalie Blake glazes, which allows you to expand your designs with a palette of options.

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