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Adriatic Coastal Column Vase Set

Ceramic Vessels

Created by Judi Tavill
This series of nine coastal and coral inspired column vessels is both decorative and functional. Each narrow vase is inspired by the various patterns, textures, and movement discovered along the shore during Tavill's seaside travels. The group resembles that of a family of coral growths. The textures are handmade through a series of creative processes in the artist's ceramic studio.

The artist throws sandy stoneware clay on the pottery wheel, creating thick walled, tall, narrow hollow natural shaped cylinders. She adds porcelain slip to create a white skin, and textures each by hand, developing a unique pattern. A signature stamp is impressed into the recessed foot of each piece upon completion during the greenware stage.

The first firing secures the surface and texture, and then Tavill coats the interior with clear glaze and delicately sprinkles portions of the exterior texture with the same clear glaze using a bulb-like needle tool, creating a subtle glisten and sparkle upon observation. The final firing takes the kiln to over 2185 degrees as the clay is fully vitrified, making it no longer porous.

The tallest piece is approximately 12 3/8" and the smallest is approximately 8 1/4 ". Sold in a complete set, as shown.

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