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Pristine Gold Arc Vessel

Ceramic Vessel

Created by Jean Elton
This Jean Elton arc vessel is created using a pneumatic extruder, making each curve slightly unique in shape and texture. The artist must offset the die slightly and very precisely to get the desired curved shape. The shape is then sculpted and cut by hand, by the artist, to highlight the unique extrusions.

The result is a bold geometric shape which is fired first to approximately 1800 degrees F. When clay is forced through the extruder before the first firing, it is put under a lot of stress. Those stresses become more apparent when the arc vessel is left unglazed and raw on the outside, but glazed with a gold glaze on the interior.

The work emerges from the final firing (at about 2100 degrees F) as a sturdy vessel that can be used to hold fruits and vegetables or as purely decorative ceramic art. The unique serial number found on the bottom of each Jean Elton piece is reflected on the certificate of authenticity provided.

Food and dishwasher safe.

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