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Blue Rectangular Vessel with Floral Design

Ceramic Vessel

Created by Jean Elton
The model for this piece started as a pile of 2" rectangular slices of Styrofoam glued together, collectively amounting to a rectangular box measuring about 2.5 feet long, 15 inches deep and 12 inches tall. A torch was then used to burn out the rough shape of the piece from the top of the rectangle down to what would be the base of the piece. This cavity was then filled with a special blend of molding plasters.

When the plaster was dry, the Styrofoam was peeled away and a succession of rough-to-fine files were used to refine the plaster positive shape, of which a negative plaster mold was created inside a cottle (wooden boards clamped around the shape so as to retain the shape of the plaster until dry, but also removable). The final object is then slip cast into this working die, each piece of which is sculpted by the artist while it is still in the form, and then fired once to approximately 1800 degrees F. After the first firing, the surface design is created by the artist, who applied underglazes with fine-tipped bottles and then covered the entire object with a transparent glaze.

The object emerges from the final firing which requires approximately 2100 degrees F to take the work to its final form. The unique serial number found on the bottom of each Jean Elton piece is reflected on the certificate of authenticity provided.

This piece is dishwasher and food safe.

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