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Black and Red Polka Dot Chameleon Jar on Striped Legs

Ceramic Vessel

Created by Lisa Scroggins
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This lidded urn is wheel thrown in two parts from low fire white earthenware clay. The artist added the 5 hand built legs to the bottom and a hand sculpted Jackson Chameleon to the lid, paying attention to realism and meticulous detail. Once dry, the vessel is bisque fired to approx. 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. This piece is now a creamy white onto which she paints many layers of multicolored underglazes. Onto the urn Scroggins has applied 5 layers of black underglaze with red dots and blue centers. The legs are banded in black and white. On the lid she painted 5 layers of a red underglaze and a black and white checkered band atop a multicolored band. The chameleon is painted in careful detail with hundreds of dots to create color and texture. The interior is glazed blue and a clear, gloss glaze is applied over all with the exception of the chameleon. The artist choose to leave the lizard a true matte finish with a spot of gloss in the eye to create realism and contrast to the vessel. Her signature is on the bottom. The piece is kiln fired again. Limited edition of 30.

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