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25 Blue Naked Raku Vase

Ceramic Vessel

Created by Frank Nemick
This sky blue vase has been fired in the naked raku method. The distinctive patterning is indicative of this process. The piece has several layers of terra sigilata which are all hand polished, giving the vessel a nice sheen. After the first, bisque firing, a clay slip is applied to the pot, and then a layer of glaze is applied. These are the "clothes". It is then fired in the raku kiln and, when the glaze melts is taken out of the red-hot kiln and is put into a metal bin full of paper or the like. This immediately bursts into flames, and then a tight fitting lid is attached. The ensuing smoke seeps into cracks in the slip/glaze layer. After about 30 minutes of being smoked, it is taken out of the bin and hit with a water stream. This turns to steam and causes the "clothing" to fall away, leaving the "naked" clay surface.

There are no waxes or lacquers applied to the surface. Raku is not suitable for liquids. The clay surface should be handled with clean dry hands to avoid staining the surface.