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Dracaena Vase

Ceramic Vase

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This vase is hand thrown on the potters wheel, and when dried a fine textured clay slip, terra sigillata, is brushed onto the surface. The slip is then burnished to a soft satiny surface. After the bisque firing, the vase is re-fired in a lidded container, filled with redwood compost. During the firing the compost ignites, and the carbon rich smoke saturates and blackens the clay. After the firing, the vase is then overlaid with multiple overlapping rows of the leaf bases of the ''Dragon Tree'', the Dracaena Draco. The brilliant glossy orange surface is the natural color that the leaves dry to. As the clay vessel is fired to an earthenware temperature, the clay remains somewhat porous, and not water-tight. If desired, a dried flower display is fine, and for cut flowers, a simple glass or plastic insert should be used. The vase is signed on the bottom

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