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Eccentrically Modified Drum Garden Seat

Ceramic Stool

Created by Michael Jones
The garden seats Jones makes are based on the classic Chinese drum shaped ceramic seat. The drum shape of this particular seat was sculpturally distorted when it was being made. The seats are capped on the bottom making them durable, strong, and functional pieces for use as a seat or a side table. They can be used indoors or out in non-freezing temperatures. All of Jones' glazes are Japanese-inspired. The design motifs derive from patterns that are used in African (Kuba) textiles. This particular seat uses a shiny black foundation glaze over which a second white glaze has been poured in certain areas. Where the black glaze is still visible, there are subtle one inch matte black polka dots and smaller 1/4" deep blue dots. It would work well in a variety of interior design settings.

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