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Ceramic Sculpture

Created by Valerie Bunnell
The artist's "Tin men and Women" series are sculptures for which an antique can is used as a torso with attachments of ceramic heads, arms, and sometimes legs. The clay parts are hand rolled coils that are textured when still soft. After drying they are stained with black oxide, which is rubbed off for a worn patina, then fired to cone 04.

Kanthal wires are inserted before firing to attach the can. Heads are hand formed with wire for hair which is also inserted before firing. The pieces are then painted with watercolor, sealed with lacquer, and assembled.Wires allow the arms to move. The hair is often decorated with beads and small hardware.

Each figure is placed into a ceramic base which is included. The figure may also be hung by a wire seen behind the figure and attached to the shoulders.

Each piece is textured, painted and completed to best serve the character of the lovely old cans which are hunted down by the artist like they are hidden treasure!