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Explosion of Joy Series II

Ceramic Sculpture

Created by Frank Nemick
This ceramic sculpture is composed of three elements with intriguing surface effects. The top and bottom elements have crackled surfaces created using naked raku techniques. These elements also have several layers of hand-polished terra sigillata on the surface. The middle element is created from three glazed, raku-fired clay disks in vibrant colors that will not fade. There are no further surface treatments (e.g. lacquer or wax).

Each element is filled with a structural rigid foam that is not visible once assembled. Embedded within the foam is a threaded pipe that maintains the integrity of the piece, and they are permanently attached to each other.

The clay surface of the top and bottom elements should be handled with clean dry hands to avoid staining the surface, they can be dusted with a soft rag, but liquids or sprays are strongly discouraged.