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Dragon Fly Totem

Ceramic Sculpture

Created by Frank Nemick
This beautiful sculpture will look stunning wherever you choose to show it off! It is composed of two elements, the bottom 26" or so is one piece, permanently joined together with a steel rod and running up its height. It is also filled with art grade urethane foam and epoxy to strengthen and protect it.

The top few inches use a copper tube to receive the "Dragon Fly's Wings," which have a steel rod exiting their bottom. The wings also have steel rods running their length, are filled, and capped, with studio grade black epoxy.

The beautiful vessel element is naked raku fired and waxed to protect it from the elements. The disk at its top is glazed raku, and the wings are copper raku fired, with a thin epoxy top coat. Can be placed outdoors in temperatures above 32 degrees F.