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Growth, Peace

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Mary Johannessen
The balance and structure of the these kiln formed art glass rounds is achieved by assembling individual glass elements, each created through numerous firings. You will find some or all of the following elements in the composition: hand painted enamel designs, frit balls- fragments of glass softened under high heat into small round shapes, pattern bar cross sections- multiple glass strips stacked together, fused into solid bars, cut cross wise and re-fused to soften the edges. 1-2 mm glass stringers forming straight or curved accents to add the finishing touches. The artist's "Growth" series is in response to the fast paced changes we are witnessing in the world. On the surface we see a number of serious challenges in the environment, global health, human rights, and financial inequities. Perhaps these events aren't all negative, but are providing opportunities to a create a more positive future. Plants die back and leave seeds for the next cycle of growth and many seeds of goodwill and human ingenuity are also being sown in the world at large. These ready to hang art glass rounds colorfully symbolize what the artist feels are the signs of positive new growth around us.

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