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Fresh One

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Michael Dupille
"Fresh One" is one of a series of oval shaped wall pieces using various methods of kiln fired glass techniques developed by this award winning glass artist and pioneer of the craft. The process starts with drawing on a base piece of glass and adding lines created with a glass paste then adding a center piece of reflective glass called dichroic which has a unique metallic coating. More paste lines and shapes are added to the base and the center piece is decorated with pre made clear elements laid in a pattern. The center portion is finished with various colors of crushed transparent glass which allows the metallic coating to show beneath the colors. The perimeter color is applied using crushed glass in two different sizes, fine and powder. The work is fired multiple times and more material is applied before each firing to give it a deep, rich quality. The panel is adhered to sheet aluminum with a hanging mechanism attached so it is ready to hang. This would be an excellent focal point or accent piece for any decor.

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