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Sockeye Salmon Wall Panels

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Mark Ditzler
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Sockeye salmon in spawning colors appear to swim across each wall panel. Four shades of green glass provide the illusion of an underwater view of the river. Glass cane is used to represent seaweed flowing in the current. The colorful glass used in the panels also has an iridized coating. This coating creates a colorful pattern in the glass which is visible in low light or different angles of view. When creating the panel composition, glass components are arranged to the artist's satisfaction and the entire panel is fired to 1500 F, where it become one seamless piece. However, the fish remain slightly raised. Once cooled, the panel has a mirror backing applied. It is then mounted to 3/4" plywood, ready for installation. Each panel is completely unique. The cane and compositions may vary slightly from the photo.

Go ahead and touch it! Fused glass is as durable as most materials including wood and ceramic, and its color will never fade. All that is needed for maintenance is occasional cleaning with a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Dimensions refer to size of individual panels. The dimensions for diptych, hung as shown, is 36"H, 44"W, which includes the 4" inch space between the panels.