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Black and White Rain Drop Folded Web

Art Glass Vessel

Created by James Friedberg
This black and white vase is created using multiple traditional Venetian glass blowing techniques. Cane or filigrana is a traditional Venetian technique used to apply pattern to glass. The cane has been treated in such a way that it creates overlapping patterns not typically seen when traditional cane techniques are used. The artist calls this style the folded web technique. The lines create a web pattern that has been folded in on itself, giving it eccentric overlapping lines of white.

Incalmo is a traditional Venetian technique used to attach or layer blown glass elements together. This layering gives a dynamic definition to the form and pattern of the vase that the artist has created.

The German montage technique is applied to this vase to direct the viewer's attention. This traditional glass working technique allows the most dynamic patterns in the vase to be front and center for the observer to enjoy.

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