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Black Vortex

Art Glass Vessel

Created by James Friedberg
This black, white, and clear vessel was created using multiple traditional Venetian glass-blowing techniques. Cane, or filigrana, is a traditional Venetian technique used to apply specific line patterns to the surface of glass. The cane has been treated in such a way that it creates overlapping lines with a central focal point. The central focal point of the overlapping white lines creates a web pattern reminiscent of a vortex.

The pattern on this vessel is part of a series that is inspired by natural phenomena (light, time, growth) and the scientific charts and graphs explaining these phenomena. This series is an exploration of light, color, line, and form through glass vessels.

This black and white vessel has been flattened on two sides to draw attention to the vortex pattern. The clear accent on the sides of this piece allow for the pattern to appear as if it is floating in air.

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