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Resting Balloon

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Brynn Hurlstone
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Each balloon is blown and sculpted out of clear glass with a layer of inlaid color and finished with a sandblaster to achieve a frosted luster that tricks the eye into believing it's real! "Resting Balloons" are three dimensional and seem ready to drift lazily away across your room. The 16" woven wire string drapes asymmetrically behind the glass balloon, providing accent and stability to the sculpture.

The balloons weigh less than 5 lbs each, and fit easily on a mantle or long table. The frosted finish is permanent and can be cleaned and restored to a full brilliant glow with simple mineral oil.

Dimensions below refer to just the glass balloon. The string is around 20" long.

12"H, 7"W, 7"D

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